Graduation Gift Ideas

Our 2021 graduates have a lot to be proud of after this past year! We want to help you honor them with these graduation gift ideas. When choosing a gift to celebrate their achievements, any addition to their jewelry collection is sure to be a hit!  We have put together some jewelry inspiration to help you decide on the perfect graduation gift! 


Why Jewelry?


The gift of jewelry to celebrate special occasions is a time-honored tradition. Not only is jewelry a beautiful and treasured gift, but it will also help to build their adult wardrobe. Choosing a staple for their jewelry collection will be sure to be appreciated and they will always remember that you gave them their beloved jewelry as their graduation gift!


Classic Jewelry Graduation Gift Ideas


Diamond Studs


When beginning their college adventure or entering the workforce, a classic pair of diamond studs is always a good idea to have on hand. When choosing diamond studs for everyday wear, the carat size recommended is between 0.25 and 1.00. If you want a pair that is meant for extra sparkle on special occasions, choose 1.00 carat or more. There are different settings options for diamond studs also. The most common is the prong setting. It is very secure and gives a little extra sparkle because the sides of the diamond are exposed. If your graduate has a more modern flair, a bezel setting would be a great choice. This setting wraps completely around the diamond making it most secure and protecting it from wear and tear while also giving off a modern vibe. 




Considering all the hardships the pandemic has brought to students in particular, the gift of pearl jewelry might be especially meaningful. Just as the oyster turned the irritant into a gorgeous pearl, your graduate has turned all the hardships of the pandemic into success. A classic pair of pearl stud earrings have been in style for centuries. A beautiful string of pearls to adorn their necks would be practical as well as elegant. You could also choose a beautiful ring with a pearl incorporated or a pendant. We have a beautiful selection of pearl bangle bracelets that would look amazing on a young graduate also! Pearls have been a staple in jewelry collections for centuries and that is not changing. They would make a wonderful graduation gift!


Birthstone or Favorite Colored Gemstone


Why not celebrate your graduate with their birthstone? Birthstones can be styled into an elegant pair of earrings, a delicate pendant, a sparkling ring, or even a gorgeous bracelet. At Isbell, we love to help you find the perfect gemstone and pair it with the perfect metal to create a lifelong and treasured gift! 


Does your graduate have a favorite color? Why not give the gift of that color in a beautiful gemstone? We have a large selection of the finest gemstones in an array of different colors. We will work with you to find the perfect colored gemstone and the metal that best complements your graduate’s skin tone. 


Create a Custom Piece


At Isbell, we are very proud of the custom jewelry we have created for our clients. One of a kind, just like your graduate, each custom design is created with the utmost care and attention to detail. We understand the nuances of the correct settings for gemstones that create the most sparkle but are also secure. Custom pieces do take more time to create. We will work with you through design drafts to make sure you are getting exactly what you desire. This process could be a special memory for you and your loved one as we work to bring your dream to life! 


We hope you have been inspired by these graduation gift ideas! Whatever you choose for your graduation gift, Isbell Jewelers is here to serve you. Stop by our showroom to see the vast collection of quality jewelry we have, or browse our gallery to get your creative juices flowing. We would love to help you find the perfect jewelry for your beloved graduate! 

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