Platinum Jewelry: Stylish, Elegant and Durable

When choosing engagement rings, wedding rings, or any other fine jewelry, the type of metal used is always a big decision. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are always popular choices, but what about platinum? Platinum jewelry has many amazing qualities that may make it the best choice for your next jewelry purchase.

Platinum Jewelry Means Forever

 Of all the metals used in jewelry, platinum is the most durable. It combines elegance with superior strength and durability. All jewelry will scratch with wear,  but when platinum does it actually dents and dings versus scratching. Gold and other metals will scratch and the metal will wear over time. Platinum will wear but at a much slower rate. Platinum jewelry will never need to be re-plated and will hold its beautiful shine much longer than other metals. It will develop a natural patina over time and this usually makes the metal even more desirable. 

Platinum is a great choice for those who are very active when they wear their jewelry. Its durability and strength help to hold gemstones in place even under high stress. This makes it a popular and wise choice for engagement rings! 

The Platinum Standard

Every metal used in jewelry is an alloy. This means it is a mixture of metal along with another compound (often another metal). Combining the metals makes them stronger. If jewelry is labeled as platinum without any other designation, it is at least 95% pure platinum. The “platinum standard” is used to show you exactly what your platinum is mixed with and is labeled with “quality marks.” For example, if your jewelry has a quality mark of “850Plat.” it is 85% pure platinum and 15% other metals.  The higher the amount of platinum, the higher the quality of the jewelry. 

Platinum Jewelry is Hypoallergenic

Platinum is an excellent choice for those with even the most sensitive of skin. Many who have never been able to wear gold or silver metals due to irritation or the green color that often arises have found that they can wear platinum with no problems. This is another excellent reason to choose platinum for engagement rings, wedding bands, or other jewelry that will be worn consistently. If you love the look of white gold but not the way your skin reacts to it, then platinum jewelry is for you! 

Pairing Your Platinum Jewelry and Caring For It

Platinum is a naturally white metal with a cool luster. It pairs nicely with diamonds and other gemstones. Platinum can also be styled with other gold pieces and still give a cohesive look. Platinum is rarer than gold and is also much heavier. When you purchase platinum jewelry you are investing in a durable piece of jewelry that will stand strong for the many years to come. Platinum rarely tarnishes and can be cleaned with a quality jewelry cleaner or left with your trusted jeweler to be cleaned. 

If you are looking for the perfect platinum jewelry to add to your collection, Isbell has a wide variety to choose from. If you want to create your own custom, one-of-a-kind platinum ring, pendant, or earrings we would love to help bring your inspiration to life! 

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