February’s Beautiful Birthstone


If your birthday falls in the month of February, your birthstone is the beautiful amethyst crystal. While February can often be cold and dreary, amethyst brings so much life and vibrancy to the month! This particular jewel stands out among the rest with its deep purple color. It is rich with history and makes for […]

Opals in October

round opals set on a gorgeous ring

If you are looking for a new stone jewel that you can wear with just about anything, then opals are for you! Opal, primarily found in Australia, happens to be one of the October birthstones and makes for a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Thanks to its variety of colors, you can even find […]

Caring for Expensive Jewelry

diamond engagement ring set next to pearl necklace

Caring for your expensive jewelry, like engagement rings or heirloom pieces, is something that you want to make sure is not a mystery to you. In order to get the longest use out of them and to keep them in the best shape you want to be sure that you care for and clean them […]

Valentine’s Day Rubies

Valentines themed jewelry box with chocolate and roses

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance, chocolate, hearts, and cupid’s arrows! It is a day to celebrate the one you love most and hold them close. Valentine’s Day rubies are a perfect way to do that! Valentine’s Day has been around for centuries and got its name after Saint Valentine, a Catholic Priest who […]

Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

gold pendant necklaces

Gold jewelry is all the rave this fall with so many different and fun ways to style it! It’s important to know the best ways to care for these valuable pieces. In order to get the most wear out of these pieces, we are sharing valuable tips for caring for your gold jewelry. Caring for […]