New Jewelry Trends for 2020

Upcoming jewelry trends for 2020 will call for both natural elements and glitz and glamour but both in a simplistic and chic way. Circles, spheres, orbs, chunky chains, but also a touch of the romantic heirloom pieces all graced the fashion runways. We have collected all the details from the high fashion catwalks and put them together so when you make your choices from your jewelry box- you are sure to be in style!

Circles and Spheres

Those favorite hoop earrings you love will keep you right in style this year-the the larger the better! Runways showed us that although earrings are sold in pairs, you don’t have to wear them that way. A large hoop on one side with a smaller pearl or gold spherical stud creates a collection instead of a pair. Any art deco-inspired elements with the hoops or spheres are trends now too.

circle diamond gold necklace
The circular trend again with this gorgeous diamond pendant!

Chunky Layered Chains and Chokers

Yellow gold is still trending just as it was in the fall. Jewelry trends for 2020 bring chunkier, thicker chained necklaces. Chokers layered thick and high upon the neck as well as long layers of chains are popular. You don’t have to stay with the yellow gold. White gold and silvers are celebrated also-it’s the lines of the jewelry that are the statement pieces. Y-shaped necklaces graced the runways and sometimes were even worn backward to add some glamour to barebacked gowns.

New Jewelry Trends for 2020 1

Art Deco and Heirloom

Along with the heavy chains and circular hoops, a touch of the romantic was added through heirloom and vintage pieces. The pop, sparkle, and color of the art deco era made it statement through the pieces also. The combination of the mechanical chains with the glitz of beautiful gemstones is a fun and fashionable way to wear a variety of pieces but stay in style. A touch of Bohemian flair with the heirloom pieces made some fun statements too!

art deco inspired sapphire ring
This ring is a great combination of art deco fun with glitz and glamour!

Back to Nature

Many jewelry trends for 2020 called for cues from nature including pearls, seashells, and tortoise shells. An eco-friendly vibe was moving across the runways. Pearls are a great way to capture these natural aspects and also incorporating the spherical trend.

New Jewelry Trends for 2020 2

If you have been inspired by these jewelry trends of 2020, stop by Isbell and let us help you find something that makes you feel even more beautiful and stylish today!

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