Jewelry to Celebrate New Beginnings

As the 2020 New Year approaches we often feel refreshed and invigorated at the thought of a “start over” or a “clean slate” in our lives. Unblemished by life’s changes and hardships, we feel encouraged and inspired. This feeling happens any time of the year when we accomplish big things. Think about birthdays, anniversaries, graduations…all signify the end of a period of time and the beginning of another. We usually give gifts to commemorate these milestones and often the gift is jewelry. There are other times in life where new beginnings could be celebrated. We wanted to highlight some of those times to give you ideas on how to gift jewelry to celebrate new beginnings for a loved one and what types of jewelry could be appropriate!

For an Overcomer

Christopher Robin said to Pooh Bear “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  (A.A.Milne) Life is hard and sometimes our loved ones could use a reminder of the fact that we love them and believe in them. Perhaps they just began or ended cancer treatments, or battled and won over an awful addiction…or maybe they fought a private storm that only you and a few others knew about… but in all these situations, they were victorious. Pearls come to mind in these situations. Do you know how a pearl is created? It was a tiny grain of sand or debris that landed inside the shell of an oyster or mollusk. The oyster then over the course of a long time (around 3 years) fought the struggle of the irritation brought by the sand and covered it in tiny layers until it formed a beautiful pearl. A pearl necklace, earrings, or pearl ring given as a gift could signify the struggle your loved one has overcome and been victorious!

For Someone Starting a New Journey

High School and College Graduations certainly fall into this category, but it could also include loved ones whose lives have significantly changed. Perhaps the home has just became an empty nest or they relocated and began a new life in a strange city. Maybe the dream of a new job or opening of a new business is the new journey. Gold could be an appropriate gift that could remind them of the pride you feel for them on this new adventure. The process of refining gold is centuries old. Through the process impurities are removed, leaving behind the true pure gold in the highest quality for jewelry. A gift of gold (either yellow or white) could remind your loved one that you have watched the journey they have traveled, how it has refined them, and that you are there supporting them in this next stage of life. A pendant, ring, or a pair of earrings with a beautiful gemstone or their birthstone could make it even more personal.

For Someone Who Has Simply Been There Through It All

Hopefully, you have someone in your life that has been there for you through the good, the bad, and the ugly times. If you do have someone like this in your life, you know what a gift their support has been. It is becoming rarer and rarer and it is invaluable. They deserve to be celebrated and while their role may not be a new beginning in the sense we are discussing here, it is a constant in your life that deserves to be celebrated. On the Mohs scale, diamonds are the hardest stone to cut. For someone who has stood by you when it was most difficult or just for as long as you can remember, diamonds would be a good gift to express your gratitude. Just as the diamond has endured tremendous pressure and held together, so has your loved one’s faithfulness to you (or your family or even your business). A diamond pendant, bracelet or stud earrings would be an especially meaningful gift to express your thankfulness for them staying the course with you for so long.

We hope you have a wonderful new beginning yourself in 2020. Take notice and celebrate those around you and if you decide to purchase a gift of jewelry to celebrate new beginnings for someone you love, we hope you will let Isbell help. For even more ideas on celebrating others visit our blog Honoring Loved Ones with Jewelry. Happy New Year!

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