Protect Your Jewelry While Moving

If you’ve got a large collection of jewelry, aka have more jewelry than you can physically wear at once, you might at some point experience the struggle of moving without losing, breaking, or scratching your jewelry. We all know that just storing jewelry in a safe way where things don’t get tangled or damaged in some way can be difficult, far less moving from one location to the other intact.

Here’s how one jewelry blogger, Becky Stone, suggests protecting your jewelry while moving!


When it comes to necklaces the biggest thing we’re trying to avoid is tangling. Necklaces have a magical way of getting tangled in ways that don’t seem possible.

Becky suggests taking plastic straws and stringing your necklaces through the straws and then clasping them. This keeps them from getting tangled with themselves or other necklaces.

To keep them from getting scratched while moving you can then wrap your straws in shelf liner that is cushioned. You can easily find the straws and the shelf lining cheaply at Walmart or Target.


You can place bracelets in bunches and place them into smaller bags such as small cosmetic cases. If you still have any of your boxes that your jewelry came in, you can place more fragile pieces in these boxes to keep them extra protected.


When it comes to earrings, our biggest concern is losing an earring. What’s the point of having beautiful earrings if we don’t have the matching pair? For this conundrum, Becky suggests buying one of the small sectioned plastic storage boxes. People generally store beads in these containers. You can find them in the craft section of Walmart.

From there you can decide how you want to place your earrings. You can place one pair in each slot or place several in the slot but either way, it helps you to keep up with both earrings during the big move.

Other Precious Valuables to Protect While Moving

For anything more valuable to you, use a small travel jewelry case that you can keep in your purse or backpack, whatever you’ll keep on your person at all times. If you don’t have a jewelry case, then you can place items in smaller pouches and then put those small pouches into a makeup bag. The main goal is just to keep it on you at all times.

We hope this helps you if you’re in the moving process or will be at any point, and if you’re looking to add to your collection then come visit us at Isbell Jewelers! We’d love to find the next perfect piece for you.

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