The Best Jewelry to Wear in Winter

The winter season is upon us, which means all the cozy and warm winter clothes! Wondering what is the best jewelry to wear in winter months? We are answering all your questions with Isbell’s winter jewelry style guide!


Consider Your  Winter Wardrobe Colors


Whether you realize it or not, fashion takes its color cues from nature. As the seasons change the colors outside, we change the colors we choose in our wardrobe. The winter season is a time of rest and preparation for spring, often marked by a lack of bright vibrant colors. Our winter clothing reflects this by incorporating neutral tones such as black, charcoal, navy, white, cream, and shades of brown. Your winter wardrobe is also marked by adding pops of festive holiday colors and jewel tones to the neutral palette. 


Gemstone Jewelry to Wear in Winter


These jewel tones and pops of rich color are where the fun is with winter jewelry! Deep reds, vibrant greens, soulful purples, and stunning blues all look fabulous paired with your winter neutrals. The best gemstone jewelry to wear in winter includes rubies, emeralds, amethysts, and sapphires! 


What Color Metal Jewelry to Wear in Winter…


All the metal colors can be worn in winter but fashion gravitates more towards warmer metals like yellow gold and rose gold. These metals pop more against the natural tones of our clothing. Pairing the warmer-toned metals with the stunning jewel-toned gemstones against the muted colors of winter makes a striking combination!


Pearls are Perfect in Winter! 


Pearl jewelry looks great with the darker muted colors of winter. You don’t have to stick to white pearls though! Consider pink, black, or natural-colored pearls to accent your outfit. Pearls can be dressed up or down and are appropriate for a fun date night, a girl’s night out, or just a day running errands. Since they are smooth there is less chance of them getting caught on your scarves or sweaters too! 

a stack of black and gray sweaters with pearls, gold chains, and gemstones under it showing the best jewelry combinations in winter

a stack of neutral sweaters with pearls, gold chains, and gemstones under it showing the best jewelry combinations in winter

a stack of white and ivory sweaters with pearls, gold chains, and gemstones under it showing the best jewelry to wear in winter

Practical Tips for Choosing Jewelry to Wear in Winter


Simple but Stylish Jewelry in Winter


Scarves, hats, sweaters, and heavier jackets are often daily go-tos during the cold of winter. Layering too many daintier necklaces can be cumbersome. They can become tangled more easily and could snag on your sweaters. Instead of layering several necklaces, choose one larger statement necklace or pendant. A chunky chain necklace, single jewel-toned gemstone pendant, or medallion-style necklace may be all you need to add flair to your winter outfit. 


The same warning applies to your choice of earrings. Large hoops or dangling pendant earrings may be the style you are seeking (and look fabulous!), but keep in mind that hats, jackets, sweaters, and scarves could easily catch on them as you remove them during the day. A chunkier stud earring may be a safer choice depending on your activities for the day!


Beware of Looser Rings and Bracelets


The cooler temperatures of winter can cause fingers and wrists to shrink. Keep this in mind when choosing rings and bracelets. Instead of stacking rings, choose a larger statement ring that is less likely to fall off. Instead of stacking bracelets, consider a multi-layered single bracelet that gives the look of multiple bracelets but one strong closure. 


Isbell Can Help with Your Winter Jewelry Style

Just because we are bundling up to stay warmer does not mean we have to sacrifice style! Embrace those stunning jewel-toned gemstones and chunky metal jewelry! As always, the jewelers at Isbell are hard at work curating the most exquisite jewelry just for you! From vintage to classic to custom-designed, we have something to help you feel stunning this winter! Stop by our showroom or browse our gallery online for inspiration!






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