The Best Ways to Wear Pearl Jewelry!

Pearls have been adorning necks, ears, wrists, and hands for over 10,000 years. These classic, sustainable, and beautiful gemstones never go out of style! What are the best ways to wear pearl jewelry? Let’s explore all the styles for pearls! 

Chic & Hip Casual Pearls 


Pearls are a wonderful choice for any occasion, from a fun night out with friends to a busy day of running errands. Pearl studs instantly add polish to a simple t-shirt and jeans. You can also layer a pearl necklace with gold or silver necklaces to make a statement. Layered pearl bangles in either white or yellow gold are showstoppers. If you’re going for a more natural look, opt for a vegan leather or other natural cord for your pearls. 


Pearl jewelry complements all skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors. Wear your pearls confidently knowing that you look great!

Formal & Elegant Pearl Jewelry


If you are dressing up for a formal occasion such as a wedding or special dinner, wearing pearl jewelry can give you an elegant and sophisticated look. Jackie Kennedy Onassis, famous for her love of pearl jewelry and her iconic look, once said “Pearls are always appropriate.” Never second guess your jewelry when you choose to wear pearls!  


Pearl drop earrings gently frame your face, and pearl studs complement any outfit. Long strands of pearl necklaces give a nod to the Roaring 20s for a classically feminine look. Delicate pearl bangle bracelets are perfect for gracefully adorning wrists, and a large statement pearl right-hand ring can add style to beautifully understated attire!

Simple and Stylish Pearls


Pearls can be part of your everyday look and you can walk out your door with confidence. They offer a sleek and minimalist style that is especially appealing when you’re dealing with decision fatigue. Just as every girl needs a pair of diamond stud earrings, every girl should own a pair of pearl studs. Opt for larger-sized white pearls or even black pearls if you want to add a little edge to your everyday look. Pearls provide a polished look– this is one of the reasons pearl jewelry is a staple for the Royal Family!


You can coordinate your pearl jewelry by adding a sleek pearl drop-down necklace with your studs or pearl bangle bracelets. Pearls look fabulous next to solid darker colored attire that allows them to really pop! Pearl jewelry also adds to the air of femininity when paired with spring and summer floral prints. You really can’t go wrong with pearl jewelry!

Outside the White Pearl Box


A gorgeous set of white pearl jewelry is always a hit, but pearls come in all colors and sizes! Black, pink, purple, green, cream, and even multi-colored overtones are all naturally occurring pearl colors. There are many factors that influence the colors of natural pearls. If you want to step outside the white pearl box, there is an abundance of beautiful colors to choose from! 


Pearls can be paired with other beautifully colored gemstones for a fancier collaboration or worn with vegan leather for a natural boho-like vibe. If environmental sustainability is high on your list of priorities, you will be happy to know that pearls are organic and created inside a living mollusk. This makes them nature’s most sustainable gem! 


Let Isbell Find Your Best Styles of Pearl Jewelry! 


Our jewelers at Isbell have handpicked beautiful freshwater pearl jewelry for you to choose from. Whether you are searching for a formal style or a more casual day-to-day look, we can help you find the perfect pearls for any occasion! Pearls are also a birthstone of June and make an exquisite and thoughtful birthday gift for your loved one. Stop by our showroom today to look at all the beautiful pearl jewelry we have to show! 


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