9 Jewelry Gifts for Men

If you are looking for inspiration for jewelry gifts for men in your life, you have come to the right place! Isbell Jewelers is not only a source for women’s fine jewelry, estate & vintage jewelry, and custom-designed jewelry, but also a place to find the perfect men’s jewelry! We have put together this list of 9 jewelry ideas that we know include a gift men will appreciate for years to come. 

Updated or New Wedding Band

Consider updating his wedding band or gifting him an entirely new one! Changing the metal, the width, or even adding a small gemstone to it could be a stylish update and another symbol of your continued love for each other. 


Isbell can engrave jewelry or other items to personalize them just for your loved ones. Watches, cuff links, and any item with a suitably sized metal area can be engraved! We love adding this personal and permanent touch to jewelry. Bring in your jewelry and we can evaluate it for engraving or you can choose from our collection to find the perfect gift to be personalized! 

Wondering what to engrave? Initials, full names, special dates, or even unique quotes personal to you and your loved one are all wonderful options that can be engraved. Fine jewelry is forever and engraving makes that personalization even more special! 

Vintage Jewelry

One of our passions at Isbell is procuring quality and unique vintage and estate jewelry. Much of what we find would be wonderful jewelry gifts for men! Vintage jewelry has a history which means it is both durable and appealing. Our selection is ever-changing but you never know what treasures you can find! Rolex watches, men’s rings, and men’s necklaces all make up our ever-growing vintage collection. Stop by the store to see what wonderful and unique treasure you can find just for him!

Custom Designed Men’s Jewelry

Do you have an idea for the jewelry you want to gift him but can’t seem to find it? Have the jewelers at Isbell custom design the jewelry just for him! Our professionals can bring your vision to life and you can gift him a truly one-of-a-kind jewelry gift for the holidays! 

Cuff Links

Cuff links are always a popular jewelry gift for me. You can choose a traditional style engraved with their initials or take a playful angle and choose something more out of the box! Cuff links come in a variety of styles- look for a pair that complements his style and personality!

Chain Necklaces

Men are wearing a variety of chain necklaces and/or bracelets now. Depending on his fashion style, you could choose to gift him a chunkier chain or a simpler smaller style chain. Yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or stainless steel are all popular choices. Men’s necklaces are meant to be subtle and not flashy in any way. They should complement their look and not overpower it. 

If you would like to incorporate a pendant, a masculine cross, dog tag style pendant, organic elements like trees, flames, or stone, or anything that touches on his personality is a great choice. Morse code engraved on a small plate and worn as a pendant is a wonderful way to inscribe a secret message between you and him that he can wear daily!


In the same manner, a metal chain bracelet could be a wonderful gift for him. Choose a strong metal over a cheaper weaker one so it can withstand day-to-day wear and not break. You could choose to engrave initials or a special message on a metal plate and include that in the bracelet. 

If metal chain bracelets are not quite his style, a leather or vegan leather option may be a better gift. These combine masculinity and fashion in a wonderful way! The metal plate can be incorporated into the leather bracelet just as with a chain bracelet for an added special touch. 


The gift of a high-quality fine wristwatch combines practicality, function, and style. Wristwatches come in a variety of styles from sleek and modern to vintage and elegant. They can be engraved on the back with a special message to your loved one and become beloved family heirlooms passed down for generations. 

Men’s Jewelry Boxes

Men will need a safe place to store their jewelry and the gift of a masculine jewelry box would be thoughtful and useful. Isbell Jewelers does not carry jewelry boxes to sell but our professionals can recommend a quality jewelry caddy or jewelry box. A polished wooden jewelry box made of their favorite hardwood or a modern metal box are just a few of the jewelry box styles available today. The important thing to remember is that the jewelry is safe, dry, and has room to sit without touching other jewelry to protect it from tarnishing. 


Isbell Jewelers Can Help With Jewelry Gifts for Men!

Stop by our showroom and let our knowledgeable professionals help you find the perfect jewelry gifts for the men in your life. We are sure that your gift will be their favorite to receive this holiday season! 

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