Casual Carats: Diamond Silicone Wedding Bands and More!

Isbell Jewelers is excited to debut “Casual Carats”- a line of diamond silicone wedding bands and other elevated silicone rings. Silicone rings have grown in popularity but not in style…until now! The Casual Carats line changes that! You can now own a silicone wedding band that is durable AND beautiful! 

Woman's hands wearing the Casual Carats diamond silicone rings on each finger in white

Many find that wearing their traditional fine jewelry to the gym or during other physical activities is difficult. Your elegant rings can get caught on clothing, run the risk of scratches or damage, and might be a little too fancy for your casual workout or outdoor look…but you still love to wear your jewelry and feel a little lost without your rings on. Silicone wedding bands are a popular choice in place of your fine jewelry but while perfect in form…they lack fashion and style. If you have ever felt this way, then Casual Carats is your solution for both form and fashion with your rings! 

All of the Casual Carats gemstone silicone wedding bands lined up in different colors with a white background

What are Casual Carats?


Casual Carats is a line of designer silicone rings meant to be worn during sports, workouts, outdoor activities, or just a casual day out! Alissa, a GIA graduate and gemologist with more than 15 years in the jewelry industry created the line because “I wanted a little bling in my gym ring, so I set out to make a casual, yet luxurious ring that would be a nice stand-in for when wearing an engagement ring was not appropriate or safe.”


All Casual Carats Rings are:


  • Made with durable high-grade silicone
  • Set in 14k gold
  • Created with ethically sourced natural diamonds and gemstones
  • Stylish and come in a variety of colors
  • Stackable for an even more elevated look!


Two ladies in a swimming pool wearing their diamond silicone wedding bands and smiling

Casual Carats Designs


Casual Carats bands come in so many fun colors to choose from! Choose a diamond to wear as your wedding band (or just for fun!), a pearl, your birthstone gem, or just a favorite gemstone color. In addition to gemstones, the Casual Carats Symbols collection carries bands featuring hearts, stars, sports, crosses, states, and more! 

The display of casual carats rings at Isbell Jewelers

The stackable collection carries stylish silicone bands to stack with your main silicone gemstone rings for an even more luxurious look! 

A pink silicone wedding band with a diamond in the middle paired with a diamond band

A black silicone wedding band with diamonds all around and small diamond bands on either side


The Benefits of Silicone Rings


Casual Carats offer the best of both the fashion world and the function world. Swimming at the pool or lounging at the beach or lake? Your luxury silicone rings will look gorgeous, remain snugly in place, and can withstand the natural elements. Playing tennis, golf, or another favorite pastime? You can play with confidence wearing your Casual Carats rings and not have the “something’s missing” feeling on your hands! Whether outdoors, exercising, or simply dressed in your comfortable athleisure attire, Casual Carats silicone rings will inspire style and bring peace of mind to any outfit! 


Casual Carats are perfect to wear for a profession that requires a lot of hands-on work or frequent hand washing. They also make wonderful gifts for the loved ones in your life that work in a high-speed field and could benefit from a durable yet beautiful silicone ring.

Woman holding a golf club over her shoulder wearing a teal Casual Carats diamond silicone ring

Woman in pool with hands clasped over a colored beach ball wearing her diamond silicone rings

female medical professional wearing blue scrubs and holding a stethoscope around her neck wearing silicone rings with gemstones


Isbell Jewelers Now Carries Casual Carats


Stop by the showroom to see our collection of Casual Carats silicone rings. We can help you size your finger to get the best fit and choose the color and style that speaks to you! 

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