Stylish Summer Jewelry Trends of 2023

The beautiful summer days are upon us and hopefully, you are taking advantage of the extra daylight hours and warm temperatures. Stay stylish this summer by sporting the summer jewelry trends of 2023! They are all about the beauty of the beach and nature, long statement earrings, lovely layering, and a fun upstyle to an 80’s look!


Nature Aesthetics


The jewelry modeled on the fashion runways has shown a nod to nature for a while now and that trend is staying this summer. Leaf shapes and floral-inspired jewelry are great ways to show off your style. The summer jewelry trends are leaning a bit more coastal with more pearls and shell-inspired jewelry also. Organic shapes and textured metals help to incorporate this natural vibe into your summer wardrobe. Perhaps Disney’s new Little Mermaid movie is influencing this coastal vibe! Channel your inner sea goddess and wear your beach-inspired jewelry with confidence!


Bespoke pearl jewelry is popular and seen in earrings, pearl pendants, bracelets, and rings. Summer trends lean more towards a natural organic look of pearls and the color and shine of the pearls worn varies. Incorporate this fun trend into your day look with an iridescent freshwater pearl pendant or pearl and leather cuff bracelets!


Long Statement Earrings


The models on the runway walked with drama and flair wearing long pendant earrings. All metals are trending- the key is impact! Gemstones bring even more sparkle and drama to this eye-catching style and the long length highlights collar bones and lengthens necklines. Style your summer dresses with statement earrings and you are good! 


Lovely Layering of Necklaces and Bracelets


If you have not practiced the beautiful art of layering necklaces and bracelets yet, you should! It is all about mixing and matching styles and lengths to create a special look and this summer jewelry trend is staying this season. Pair your layered jewelry with your favorite jeans and a white tee for a casual look or with your little black dress for a special night out. 


Tips for Layering Necklaces Successfully


  • Vary your necklace lengths. Aim for necklaces to fall about 2-3 inches apart on your neck. 


  • Mix up your chain styles. Choose a thinner chained necklace and pair it with a thicker one. This will also help to stop any tangling. You can style more than one pendant necklace when layering too. Make sure they complement each other and land on different levels for maximum impact! Lariat-style necklaces are always last when layering.


  • Choose a focal point necklace. Have a favorite pendant necklace? Boost its impact by layering a couple of other necklaces around it. Just be sure to have a single focal point when layering.


  • Consider your outfit. Layering necklaces works best when they can be seen. Consider the neckline of your outfit. Be sure to choose necklaces to layer that fall above or drape over the neckline of your top. When they land right along your neckline they can get lost in all the lines of your outfit. 


  • Warm gold colors are a hot summer jewelry trend but silver and white gold are making a comeback.  Rose gold is also gorgeous during the summer months. You can mix metals when layering necklaces just be sure to mix them in other places also such as bracelets or rings for a consistent look. 


Tennis bracelets are trending this summer also. Many of the same rules apply to layering necklaces. Be sure to mix up your chain style and choose a jewelry focal point. A dainty diamond tennis bracelet is a beautiful way to mix up the textures in your bracelet layering. 

80’s Style Jewelry with an Upgrade


While the idea of the 80’s jewelry style may make you cringe, this updated summer jewelry trend won’t! The strong geometric shapes of larger earrings and pendant necklaces are back! These eye-catching designs are bold and add a touch of drama to your outfit. Larger hoop earrings in yellow gold or gemstones are part of this trend along with larger statement pendant necklaces.


Chunky chain bracelets and cuffs are in style this summer also. Bold gold and cool silver cuffs and cuff rings are high-impact. The chunkier and more impactful jewelry creates an edgy and fashion-forward look with any outfit!


Summer jewelry trends traditionally bring out the colors and this season is no different. Runways sported all the candy colors in their jewelry accessories so be sure to incorporate your pink and yellow sapphires, purple amethysts, and bold green emerald gemstone jewelry! Rock the 80’s nod by pulling in vintage acrylic jewelry but don’t go overboard. Keep it streamlined and simple. You want a nod to the 80’s not to replicate them!


Isbell Jewelers is Your Source for Summer Jewelry Trends of 2023


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