Isbell’s Guide to Selling Your Jewelry, Gold and other Pieces

jewelry box overflowing with gold jewelry

We have all seen the signs “We Buy Gold” or “Sell Your Jewelry” in shop windows, online, or even in a printed flyer. Images of pieces of jewelry long unworn and long forgotten in your jewelry box pop into mind and you consider letting them go….the money would be nice…but then you realize you have […]

Bring Your Old Jewelry Back to Life!

collections of gold jewelry

It is time to bring your old jewelry back to life! We all have pieces of jewelry tucked away that we no longer wear. Maybe it is just not our style, or maybe it was from a time in our past that held different people in it that are no longer in the picture.  Whatever […]

Antique Jewelry: Make it Shine for Years to Come

heirloom diamond and sapphire bar pin

Whether you inherited a family heirloom or just like the vintage look, restoring and remodeling antique jewelry is a great way to make any piece of jewelry last. Part of the fun of antique jewelry is that each piece has its own character. No two pieces are exactly the same. The problem is, with years […]