6 Reasons to Buy Antique and Estate Jewelry

an antique necklace in gold sits on a wooden table

Since the beginning, men and women have enjoyed adorning themselves with jewelry. They used whatever materials were available to them. It comes as no surprise that antique and estate jewelry are popular today because of the connection they bring. Their beauty is timeless no matter their age. Perhaps your jewelry box is lacking the uniqueness […]

The Best Jewelry to Wear to Holiday Parties!

woman putting on black earrings and choosing jewelry before a holiday party

Christmas party season is in full swing and of course, you want to look your best! Here is Isbell’s Guide to the best jewelry to wear to holiday parties! Follow our tips and you are sure to stand out among the crowd! Bold Gold Jewelry Bring out your bold gold jewelry for your holiday parties […]

The Popularity of Vintage Jewelry

glass jewelry box with gold trim filled with antique jewelry sitting next to antique gold pins

It has been said that fine jewelry never goes out of style, but it is only the categories of fine jewelry that are in style that may change. This explains why the popularity of vintage jewelry has never seemed to lessen! Let’s learn more about vintage jewelry and how you can best add it to […]

Caring for Expensive Jewelry

diamond engagement ring set next to pearl necklace on a white background

Caring for your expensive jewelry, like engagement rings or heirloom pieces, is something that you want to make sure is not a mystery to you. In order to get the longest use out of them and to keep them in the best shape you want to be sure that you care for and clean them […]

Bring Your Old Jewelry Back to Life!

collection of gold jewelry placed in a circle on white carpet

It is time to bring your old jewelry back to life! We all have pieces of jewelry tucked away that we no longer wear. Maybe it is just not our style, or maybe it was from a time in our past that held different people in it that are no longer in the picture.  Whatever […]

Honoring Loved Ones with Jewelry

gold pendant next to perfume and a rose

Since social media has become the norm in our everyday lives, there have been countless stories shared of both lost and found jewelry. Many of them like this recent one from South Carolina have happy endings with owners being reunited with their beloved jewelry. After the loss of his wife to colon cancer 4 years […]

Antique Jewelry: Make it Shine for Years to Come

heirloom rectangle diamond and sapphire bar pin on a white background

Whether you inherited a family heirloom or just like the vintage look, restoring and remodeling antique jewelry is a great way to make any piece of jewelry last. Part of the fun of antique jewelry is that each piece has its own character. No two pieces are exactly the same. The problem is, with years […]