Insuring Your Fine Jewelry

an emerald pendant necklace with diamond embellishments

The 4 C’s of diamonds are a way of evaluating a diamond’s value. What many forget in the excitement of choosing fine jewelry is the unofficial 5th C- “Coverage.” It only makes sense to protect your investments by insuring them. Let’s look at the details of insuring your fine jewelry and some of the most […]

Isbell Jewelers’ Common Jewelry Terms Defined

A jeweler showing a gold diamond necklace to a customer and explaining common jewelry terms.

Many love the beauty and elegance of jewelry but don’t understand the terms used in descriptions. The jewelers at Isbell have put together a list of the industry’s most common jewelry terms with simple definitions to help! This list is in categories based on metals, gemstones, setting and mechanics, and historical descriptions and jewelry styles […]

Isbell’s Diamond Guide: The 4 C’s of Diamonds

A diamond gemstone held by tweezers for inspection with a black background

Diamonds are stunning but how do you know if you are getting the best diamond possible? The Gemological Institute of America created a grading system known as the 4 C’s of diamonds or the International Diamond Grading System.   The expert jewelers at Isbell are breaking down the 4 C’s of diamonds into easy-to-understand terms […]

Why We Wear Jewelry…

A woman's hands with rings and bracelets on them

Even as small children we make chains of daisies to adorn our necks or place as crowns upon our heads. There is something intuitive about wearing jewelry. Humans have been wearing gemstones and jewelry since before recorded history. Have you ever wondered why we wear jewelry? Today we will discuss cultural and emotional reasons why […]

4 Benefits of Selling Gold Jewelry

wooden jewelry box filled with old gold rings and other old gold jewelry

Many of you may have considered selling the gold jewelry that you no longer wear or that’s broken but stopped short of actually doing it. In today’s blog post, we are highlighting the benefits of selling gold jewelry and how simple the process actually is!    What Jewelry Can be Sold?   Outdated styles of […]

The Popularity of Vintage Jewelry

glass jewelry box with gold trim filled with antique jewelry sitting next to antique gold pins

It has been said that fine jewelry never goes out of style, but it is only the categories of fine jewelry that are in style that may change. This explains why the popularity of vintage jewelry has never seemed to lessen! Let’s learn more about vintage jewelry and how you can best add it to […]

Fall Jewelry Pairings!

flat lay October calendar surrounded by fall jewelry pairings, shoes, and leaves

Fine jewelry trends stay fashionable for long periods of time, but the categories of fine jewelry that are in style do change with the seasons. So what is in style for this fall? Let’s take a look at some fall jewelry pairings as you head out into the beautiful autumn weather!    Let’s Get Out! […]

Bold Gold Jewelry

bold gold jewelry displayed on a marble dish

As the spring turns to fall and sweater weather slowly begins, many find themselves drawn to bold gold jewelry! Let’s discuss how to best style our beautiful bold gold jewelry with fall-inspired outfits.   Why Go Bold?   Many of 2020’s fall jewelry trends are holding fast and even gaining more momentum in 2021 given […]

Choosing the Right Necklace for Every Neckline

woman holding different necklaces in her hand while trying to choose the right necklace to match her dress neckline

Choosing the right jewelry to go with your outfit can be frustrating! The jewelers at Isbell want to help! We have created this helpful guide to choosing the right necklace for every neckline! Once you find the perfect pairing, you will be feeling fabulous and on your way!   Different Types of Necklines   Ever-changing […]

The Right Earrings for Every Face Shape

woman looking in a mirror and choosing the right earrings for every face shape

You are probably familiar with styling clothing to be most flattering to your body shape. Did you know that you can style earrings to be most flattering to the shape of your face also? Let’s do a deep dive into choosing the right earrings for every face shape!    What is Your Face Shape?   […]