Pumpkin Spice: Warm and Radiant Fall Gemstones!

The autumn season is in full swing in Alabama and pumpkin spice is everywhere! The leaves are turning and beautiful pumpkins and gourds line porches. As you begin to pull out those cozy fall sweaters, be sure to include some dazzling fall gemstones in your jewelry collection. Here are our favorite autumn-hued gemstones and some styling tips to help you embrace this gorgeous fall season!




Garnets are a beautiful fall gemstone with their deep purple-red hue named in part because they look like the pomegranate fruit. Their deep reds coordinate beautifully with cozy neutral sweaters, a white t-shirt, and jeans, or the deep browns of suede and leather jackets. 


Garnet jewelry looks good paired with yellow or white metals. Fall jewelry trends usually lean towards the yellow metals during the autumn season but know that the deep rich color of garnets will look good next to either metal! 

cut garnet gemstones in a large pile





Like garnets, rubies are a beautiful fall gemstone when you want a bit more sparkle and pop. Ruby earrings bring the warm color to your face and a ruby pendant necklace really adds contrast to your fall-neutral tops. A dramatic ruby necklace as shown below makes the perfect focal point of any fall outfit. Ruby gemstones look great with yellow or white metals.

A close up view of an ornate ruby necklace in a flower design


Orange Brown Diamonds


We all love diamonds but we especially love orange-brown diamonds in the fall! The combination of sparkle and brilliance paired with the exquisite natural colored hues is an eye-catcher! The hues range from brown with yellow hues to deep oranges. Orange and brown diamonds pull the perfect shades of fall into your wardrobe and add elegant beauty. 

An orange brown diamond ring with white diamonds surrounding it in yellow gold




Citrine gemstone hues range from a very light yellow hue to a darker golden red-brown. Their name comes from the French word for lemon “citron.” Citrine gemstones add a lighter happier yellow tone to fall outfits mimicking the beautiful yellow leaves that are falling. Citrine gemstone jewelry looks beautiful paired with smaller citrine stones for a strong dramatic monochrome look or paired with white diamonds for strong contrast. 

A large citrine gemstone pendant surrounded by smaller citrine gemstones


Yellow Diamonds


Yellow diamonds, also called canary diamonds, are an excellent addition to your fall jewelry collection. Citrine gemstones usually lend themselves to warmer orangier hues than the brighter and sparkling yellow diamonds. Yellow diamonds are certainly a statement and will draw your attention whether worn in a stunning pendant, a statement ring, or bringing highlights to your face in a pair of pendant earrings. 


Below is a custom-designed yellow diamond ring with white diamonds surrounding it. We love the mix of metals in this gorgeous ring! 

a custom designed yellow diamond ring with white and yellow gold


Brown, Yellow, Orange, and Pink Topaz


The topaz family of gemstones has a wonderful range of warm and radiant hues. Browns, pinks, yellows, oranges, and purples are our favorite fall gemstone colors. Take a look out your window during fall and see what colors catch your eye first- there is probably a shade of topaz gemstone to coordinate that color! Topaz gemstones are also pleochroic which means the gemstone can show different colors at different angles. These gemstones will complement the simple fall ensembles as we begin to bundle for the cooler weather and add a fun style element! 

Several topaz gemstones in fall gemstone colors on a white background




We love the deeper purple hues of amethyst gemstones later into the fall season on the cusp of winter’s arrival. The darker hue of amethyst (think eggplant color!) gives a grounded hue but also a pop of color. Paired with warm neutral tones of fall, the purple amethyst gives just the right amount of contrast. Amethyst gemstones can be paired beautifully with both yellow gold and white metals. 

A large amethyst gemstone ring surrounded by tiny white diamonds on a white background


Emerald and Jade


While many gravitate towards the warmer colors of fall, the cool green shade of emerald and jade gemstones can be very inviting. You can’t walk by too many decorated fall porches or farmer’s markets without noticing the beautiful green pumpkins. Take a cue from nature and incorporate the deep greens of emeralds and jades into your fall jewelry collection. The greens perfectly complement the warmer neutral shades and like amethyst give a grounding element to your outfit. Emeralds and jades can be paired with both yellow gold and white metals but for the fall season, we especially love them with the warm rich yellow gold metal! 

A ring with an oval emerald gemstone surrounded by white diamonds in a yellow gold setting


Let Isbell Jewelers Help You Style Your Fall Gemstones


Our jewelers at Isbell have been in business for over 40 years and we know the timeless classic jewelry styles for the fall season. Stop by our showroom and browse our collection of beautiful fall gemstones for your jewelry collection. No matter which fall color speaks to you, we can help you find the perfect gemstone to bring it to life! 

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