Q&A Series: Styling Necklaces with Sweaters!

Sweater weather is here! We love sweater season and we especially love styling necklaces with sweaters! It seems to be a tricky topic because we get lots of questions about the best styling tips. Today we are sharing a few of our frequently asked questions about necklace and sweater styling and our answers to help you leave the house looking stylish and feeling confident and beautiful!


“What necklace should I wear with a V-neck sweater? Should I layer necklaces and if so what is the best way?”

We love daintier shorter necklaces with lightweight V-neck sweaters! They give an elegant and classic fall look. Longer necklaces (that hang past the V) tend to fall behind your sweater during the day and no one can see the beautiful pendant. Larger heavier pendants also pull the chain more downward causing differing angled lines from the neckline of your sweater. Ideally, your necklace will hang above the V-neck and the chain will hang parallel to the V-neck collar. This gives a balanced flattering look to your top with lines all leading in the same direction. 


If you want to layer necklaces with a V-neck stick to only 2 necklaces. The V-neckline itself acts as a necklace with your outfit. Too many lines can be confusing to look at! Your top necklace could be a choker style or hang just below your collarbone. Your second necklace should hang just about the V in your sweater. 


Thicker chunkier V-neck sweaters are a little different. Whether it is a thicker button-up cardigan or a pullover, we like a little chunkier necklace style. You already have more volume and rich texture with a thicker sweater so balance it out with a chunkier pendant necklace. Make sure it still hangs above the V.  Heart shapes, oval shapes, and geometric shapes that naturally point down really highlight the V and complement the look!  


“Thinner solid-colored crew neck sweaters are my go-to in the fall! How can I style my necklaces so that the outfit does not look too basic?”

You are in luck! The thinner, solid-colored crew neck sweaters are the easiest sweaters to style! We love them because they really let your jewelry stand out. A single necklace that hangs a little past your collar with your favorite pendant is perfect. Add a second that is a little longer if you want a layered look. Make sure the pendants complement each other and the larger pendant is on the bottom. Colored gemstones and diamonds really sparkle contrasted with the solid-colored background of your sweater!  Stay away from really short or choker-style necklaces with crew neck sweaters. They hang above the sweater and just don’t flatter like a longer necklace does!


“Please help! I want to wear pretty necklaces with my turtleneck and high neck sweaters but it never feels right. Any tips?”

Turtle neck tops and sweaters are really fun to style because you can layer necklaces to your heart’s content! First, choose your longest necklace as your focal point. Find one with a great pendant that makes you feel glamorous. From there add shorter necklaces that are simpler but differ enough from each other. Each necklace should hang an inch or two from the other. We love pairing a heavier-weight chain necklace with a lightweight one and then your focal pendant necklace. 


If your turtleneck is a thicker sweater material, go with longer necklace lengths and a chunkier pendant to balance out the look. Shorter necklaces would just get lost in the thicker turtleneck of the sweater. A longer dramatic pendant balances out the heavier turtleneck collar. You can layer necklaces if you want but make sure there is breathing room between your top necklace and the collar of your sweater! 


“I love boatneck and asymmetrical sweaters. I feel like a choker necklace would look good but then it never feels quite right. What necklace is best with these styles of sweaters?”

Know this- if you ever style your necklaces and it doesn’t feel quite right- look at the lines you have created. A boatneck sweater is already naturally creating a line across your body. Adding a higher choker necklace creates another line essentially chopping it in two! Asymmetrical sweaters do the same thing. Both of these sweater styles show off the most elegant part of a woman’s body already so we say… opt for no necklace at all and rock your favorite earrings or statement ring! Keep it simple and don’t force anything that doesn’t feel right!


Have you got a jewelry styling question we can help you with? Leave it in the comments. You may be featured in our next Styling Tips series! 


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