Things to Consider When Having Custom Jewelry Made

hands sketching jewelry designs on paper with jewelry all around for having custom jewelry made

Have you been dreaming of having custom jewelry made? Do you have a special occasion and want the perfect jewelry to commemorate it? Perhaps a proposal is in your future and you want a unique and bespoke ring just for you! Whatever the reason, Isbell Jewelers can bring your inspiration to life! We have been […]

Guide to the 5-Step Custom Jewelry Process

A diamond ring displayed on a snapdragon flower that is part of our Custom Jewelry Process

Did you know that here at Isbell Jewelers, we have a special custom jewelry process? That means we can create (or recreate) anything you can imagine, from repurposed antique right-hand rings to new pendants that are made to look vintage. Here’s a look at the custom jewelry process and what you can expect when you’re […]

Looking Ahead: Spring 2022 Jewelry Trends

pink orchid flower next to strings of pearls as part of 2022 spring jewelry trends

According to Vogue, most of the jewelry trends we’ve seen so far in 2022 have been playful and personalized in response to a world that can feel too serious or cold at times. We’ll see that same playful feeling continue through a number of different Spring 2022 jewelry trends.    Colorful Gemstones   Show your […]

What Gemstones Go Well Together: Popular Gemstone Combinations

closeup shot of a ring with pink sapphire and small diamonds

We love to custom design jewelry for our customers! One of the questions often asked is “What gemstones go well together?” Whether you are redesigning out-of-date jewelry, updating your wedding rings, or starting from the beginning to create jewelry for a special occasion, we can guide you through the entire process.    When designing jewelry […]

Trend Alert: Gorgeous Ring Wraps!

emerald, pink, and dark blue ring wraps displayed on each side of a solitaire diamond ring

Ring wraps are becoming more and more popular for two reasons: protection and personalization! Not only do ring wraps help secure your diamond solitaire ring and protect it, but they also personalize it to enhance your own style! Let’s take a look at this jewelry trend and learn all we need to know about ring […]

Graduation Gift Ideas

graduation cap, rose, and scrabble tiles that read "congrats grad" on a gray background

Our 2021 graduates have a lot to be proud of after this past year! We want to help you honor them with these graduation gift ideas. When choosing a gift to celebrate their achievements, any addition to their jewelry collection is sure to be a hit!  We have put together some jewelry inspiration to help […]

Fancy Cut Diamonds

fancy cut diamond ring set on black fabric

    Clarity and color play a big role in the brilliance of a diamond, but the cut of the diamond is what pulls it all together! Deemed “fancy cut diamonds” by the jewelers, let’s look at these diamond-cut options and all they have to offer.    Brilliance, Clarity, and Color Explained When diamond shopping, […]

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

pearl and diamond earrings in a red jewelry box surrounded by roses and chocolates as Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is a day to shower your special someone with love and romance. As one of the most romantic days of the year, consider giving your loved one one of the most romantic gifts to celebrate! While chocolate and flowers are good, jewelry will last a lifetime, just like your love for them.  Beautifully […]

Resizing your Christmas Gifts

woman trying on a gold ring before resizing it

When trying to surprise someone you love with a beautiful ring or another piece of jewelry for Christmas, it’s hard to be 100% sure it is going to fit. The excitement of receiving a stunning new ring can quickly fade when you realize it because it doesn’t fit. But there’s no need to worry or […]

Custom Jewelry for Every Occasion

person drawing designs for custom jewelry

Have you ever been in a position where you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for but know exactly what you want? Custom jewelry is the perfect option for someone looking to add a unique touch to any kind of jewelry. Even with all of the jewelry options already out there, it can be difficult […]