Game Day Jewelry Styles & Tips

It’s football season in the South! Whether you are attending a game in person, tailgating, or cheering on your favorite team from home, we love to dress in team colors. Today we are sharing game day jewelry styles and tips for choosing jewelry to show our team spirit! 


Gemstones in Your Team Colors

Start by choosing jewelry in your team’s colors. Whether it’s the team’s primary colors or a combination of colors associated with your team, this is a simple way to show your support and begin styling your look. 

Diamonds are a great dazzling addition to any game day attire! If you want to style your look with colored gemstones that coordinate with your team colors, here are a few to choose from: 

Red: rubies and garnets

White: pearls and white opal

Blue: blue sapphire, blue topaz, and aquamarine

Orange: orange topaz, orange sapphires, and citrine

Yellow: yellow topaz, citrine, and yellow diamonds

Purple: amethyst

Black: black onyx and black star sapphires

Green: emeralds and peridot

For a list of the most popular gemstones organized by color visit our blog The Beauty of Colored Gemstones.


Choosing the Colored Metal for Your Game Day Jewelry

If your team has gold as their team color then choosing yellow gold jewelry is an easy choice. If the team colors are warmer (red, orange, yellow, purple) then yellow gold metal will look great paired with your game day outfit. If your team colors are cooler (blues and greens) then silver or white gold may look better with your clothes. 

You may also choose to wear metals that compliment your skin tone. 


Tips for Choosing Game Day Jewelry

  • Be mindful of wearing valuable or sentimental jewelry to crowded sporting events. The hustle and bustle of cheering in the crowds runs the chance of losing your jewelry! Have you seen our Casual Carats line of silicone rings? These beautiful and stylish rings come in a variety of colors, look amazing, and allow you to celebrate your team without the worry of damaging your fine jewelry rings or wedding rings! 


  • Bold statement necklaces in your team’s colors are an easy way to style your game day look. Consider chunky or layered necklaces that incorporate your team’s colors or logo.


  • Stackable bracelets are another great way to showcase your team spirit. Mix and match bracelets in your team’s colors, including beaded, bangle, or leather bracelets.


  • Earrings are an easy and subtle way to accessorize for game day. Choose studs, hoop earrings, or dangle earrings in your team’s colors or featuring team-related designs. 


  • Comfort Matters! Make sure your game day jewelry is comfortable to wear. Game days are fun but often long! 


Isbell Jewelers can Help Style Your Game Day Jewelry!


Our jewelers at Isbell have been serving the Birmingham area for over 40 years! We know how exciting game day is and that you want to look your best. Stop by our showroom and browse our collection of jewelry. We can help you choose the perfect accessories for a fabulous game day look! 


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